Winter Travel Guide

Winter Travel Guide

Subzero temperatures call for some playing in the snow. While outdoor recreation might seem limited in the winter, cold weather actually enables a variety of seasonal activities and sightseeing. Today we share a list of destinations that will satisfy your thirst for adventure.

 mammoth mountain

photo by @christinecyoo


Skiers and boarders rejoice–the well-renowned resort town in the Eastern Sierra is now accessible by direct flights from Los Angeles, San Francisco, and San Diego. If flying is not an option, the alternative route via car from Northern or Southern California is a set-up for a stunning road trip filled with views of mountains and valleys along I-395.

On side-trip excursions, head out to one of the many lakes nearby for sightseeing. From Convict Lake to the limestone Tufa towers of Mono Lake, options abound in this region. After a day in the snow, drop by a natural hot spring to warm up and wind down.


 Norway aurora


Voted singlehandedly the easiest place to view the aurora borealis, this Arctic city of Northern Norway is one trek of a destination. Seeing the Northern Lights can be as easy as venturing outdoors at night, but it also doesn’t have to be a solo activity here. Plenty of tour companies run a variety of guided viewing sessions.

To become one with the scenery, stay at the Ice Domes, the newly built hotel made of ice.



Lake Louise      -           photo by @christinecyoo


The Rocky Mountains of Canada draw tourists from all over the globe every year, and for good reason.

Mountain peaks, glaciers, and lakes galore, Banff is studded with gems of nature. The alpine lakes here boast clear waters in incredulous shades of blue. Icefields Parkway, often rated the most scenic drive on the planet, makes driving through the park a remarkable attraction of its own.

 christinecyoophoto by @christinecyoo


The deepest lake (1,949 ft) in the U.S. is widely considered to be the bluest as well. In addition to the jaw-dropping sights, Crater Lake National Park offers activities like snowshoe walks led by Park Rangers, cross-country skiing, and winter camping. For parties with kids, be sure to take sleds and snow-fort building gear.

The nearest airports are in Medford and Klamath Falls.