Meet & Greet: Nate Cuffington

Meet & Greet: Nate Cuffington

If you've found yourself looking for menswear inspiration on the 'gram, chances are you've come across Nate Cuffington (@cuffington). We love his distinctly modern but classic aesthetic, and the way that he curates his practical yet inspirational style guides. We had the pleasure of catching up with Nate this summer and enjoyed learning more about how he got started in the fashion world, and what inspires him most. 

Describe your style. 

Generally, I would say my style is a slightly modernized heritage Americana look. I love to wear denim, chinos, loafers, and boots paired with a nice jacket or button up. 

How did you get into fashion?

My grandpa and my mom were always very fashionable. They always took pride in their appearance and spent the extra effort when getting ready. I didn’t truly start noticing/ appreciating all of this until high school. I was a skater in high school so my style was quite different from what it is now with baggy tees,  jeans and torn up skate shoes. It was around college when I started being more deliberate with my style and articles of clothings I’d purchase. That is when I wanted to find a more timeless style which I could still wear regardless if I’m 25 or 50. 

Take us behind the scenes. What’s your process from planning to posting on Instagram?

I am a one-man show.  I shoot everything with a tripod utilizing my camera's Bluetooth remote feature. 

But when it comes to what and how I shoot, it really depends on my mood. Sometimes I have a color theme in addition to the underlying brown tones which depends on either the outfit/accessories/footwear I want to showcase or the surrounding environment. I’m very particular about all the little details in regards to the specific placement, lighting, color coordinating, and spacing. I don’t really plan my feed out in advance. Sometimes random concepts just pop into my head and I will just want to shoot it there and then.

What are some of your favorite pieces this season?

I've been trying to expand my wardrobe and get more dressy lately. I’ve been obsessed with side pull-tab trousers paired with loafers and a tucked in shirt with no belt- that’s the kind of look I’ve been enjoying here in NY. 

Outside of fashion, what are some of your other creative outlets?

With tiktok and reels taking over, I just recently started studying video production and editing. Video is a whole separate beast that I have really enjoyed learning about. I start to appreciate the little things in videos such as transitions/cuts and camera angles. I’ve  been enjoying making simple non-fashion related vlog style videos to just document my trips. 

What’s one surprising thing about you?

A lot of people think I used to be a wrestler or boxer because of my deformed right ear but I was actually born with an underdeveloped ear called microtia. I had roughly 9 surgeries throughout my childhood to try to reconstruct it. 

Favorite food 

I really love Korean BbQ. The variety cuts of meat along with all the different side dishes they offer is the perfect meal for me. There is nothing more fun than hanging out with a bunch of friends and enjoying Korean BBQ with beer and soju on a Saturday night.

Favorite book

I’m not sure if I have a favorite book but the most recent book that I read was Shoe Dog which talks about the life of Phil Knight, the founder of Nike. It was a nice read to learn about the backstory of the most recognized brand in the world. 

Favorite movie

Fight Club - I never get tired of this movie. I've seen this movie so many times and every time I watch it, I feel like I notice something new. The cinematography, acting, and (Brad Pitt’s) fashion are all killer.