Craft Passed Down

Korchmar and HELM Boots both provide quality leather for life. Two brands that intersect on three key things: dedication to the art and craft, passion for the product, and commitment to the customer. Korchmar and HELM are both uniquely dedicated to developing products that are meant to last for generations. Scroll down to discover more, and for entry into our Father's Day Giveaway.

About HELM

HELM isn’t just here to sell boots and shoes. They are in endless pursuit of impeccable design and unmistakable, life-defining experiences; the coolest places, the most delicious food, the perfect soundtrack for every moment, fascinating people, and the partners who share in the pursuit to find these. HELM footwear is built to be worn and passed down.

The Art of Leather Craftsmanship

The quality of Korchmar and HELM products reflects the dual passion, attitude, and ethics that are woven into the fabric of the brands core values and operations. Korchmar and HELM both take leather, a byproduct of the meat industry, that would otherwise be thrown into a landfill, and develop functional art. Production of these leather products is engineered in a way that is so efficient it can be taken to market at prices that are affordable.

The Next Generation

Siblings Michael and Amy are the fourth and youngest generation of Korchmar who are leading the family business into its next era.

"I consider the passing of the art to be a great responsibility", said the elder Michael Korchmar. "Korchmar is very fortunate to have two family members to see the family heritage continued and willing to receive the art being passed."

The younger Michael agrees. "We craft leather for life and I am proud and honored to do so with an approach that honors the integrity and respect of my family."