Word on the Street: What People Are Saying About Korchmar

Word on the Street: What People Are Saying About Korchmar


Fashion blogger @huntervought winds down at Santa Monica Beach in Southern California with the Mason backpack in Cadet Grey.

I love the Mason backpack. I always had problems with stuffing things in my previous backpacks, but the Expedition Collection backpack has a pocket for everything. It is currently my go-to for traveling. I can hold my 13” MacBook, my two pairs of headphones, my notebook, an outfit to change into for a day of shooting content, shoes and so much more! The quality is outstanding too. The straps fit very nicely on my shoulders with the way they are constructed and don’t give me back pain like other bags.”


Style blogger @yjt roams around New York City with the Twain weekender in Cadet Grey.

“I love going on weekend trips with my Korchmar bag. No need for clunky luggages. This fits everything you need.”


Interior designer @mrorlandosoria takes off from Union Station in Downtown Los Angeles with the Lux Twain weekender in tow.

“I’ve been taking a bunch of weekend trips for friends’ birthday parties and to check in on my parents’ kitchen renovation up north. Having a glamorous weekender bag always makes me feel just a little more like a famous celebrity dodging the paparazzi. Like my face, this bag will age over time and get filled with nicks and dings from all that Life throws its way (Thanks for nothing, Life!). I’m excited for it to age and patina (I love the look of weathered leather). Another thing I love about this bag is the solid brass zipper. So many bags out there have lame ugly zippers and it’s the one detail I notice first. So here’s my recommendation: set yourself up with one of these gorgeous bags, head on over to LA’s stunning Union Station, and take a train somewhere beautiful. You’ll feel as if you’ve been transported back in time to an era when everything was well-made and gorgeous and travel was less chaotic and insane.”