Meet and Greet: Eric Wertz

Meet and Greet: Eric Wertz

In the summer edition of the Meet and Greet series, we got to chat with Eric Wertz of @bluecollarprep. Go behind the scenes with the family man and fashion blogger in this interview. 

Eric carries the Lewis backpack in Espresso

Tell us about your job(s). What do you do & how did you get into each?

I'm a full-time union electrician & lifestyle blogger. Originally I was working in an administrartive position but I wasn't happy where I was and a buddy of mine told me they were giving the test to join the union. I decided I would take the test and the rest is history. As for starting my blog and becoming an influencer, my wife was working with mommy bloggers at her job and thought it would be a good fit for me since I've always been into fashion. With her passion for photography and my passion for fashion it was just a good fit, so she started taking photos of me and the rest is again history! We also recently launched our own brand together. You can check it out at 

What does bluecollarprep mean?

BlueCollarPrep is my outlet. I am and always will be Blue Collar at my core but I still like to dress up, look good and enjoy life the best I can.

How has Instagram changed your life?

Instagram gave me an outlet to share my style, family, and helped bring on opportunities I wouldn't have had otherwise, that I get to share with my followers.

father son fashion
Eric, Nate, and the Twain weekender in tan 

Something people are shocked to find out about you…

They usually are most shocked that I'm an electrician and that I'm pushing 40. I turn 39 in September!

What's on your bucket list?

I have a pretty big bucket list but off the top of my head includes: skiing and mountain biking at Whistler Mountain in Canada, skiing in Japan, visiting the Maldives and Hawaii and definitely getting my own brand really going, so I can work on something that I truly have a passion for and not have to continue being an electrician.

Nate and Eric sit with the Lewis backpack in Espresso

Goals for this summer:

Just to find ways to have fun with my family. Nothing is better than having fun with these 2. I want to travel as much as possible and just get the most out of the warm-weather season: swimming, hiking, carnivals, mountain biking, mini golf, the Caribbean, and to drink as many Pina Coladas as possible! 

Where do you find inspiration?

I'm not really sure actually. I do feel like I can find inspo from anywhere and anything though. When it comes to my style, I feel like I just have a knack for rummaging through my closet and piecing things together in different ways. I'm also a people watcher, so I'm always observing other people's style and getting ideas as to how I can put a twist on a specific piece or style and make it my own. My son and wife both have some pretty chill, effortless style, so they definitely both inspire me as well!

father and son
Eric and Nate head out with the Twain weekender in tan

Fill us in on your love story with your wife.

Oh man, she is the love of my life! She's the most amazing, beautiful, smart, talented woman. We met at a bar where she noticed me getting my two-step on and we danced the night away. We dated for about 8 years before I asked her to marry me in Aruba. A couple years later we had our son Nathan. She taught me how to ski, which is my family's favorite thing to do together. Even my son, who has been skiing since he's been 2, is obsessed. It's just amazing how many similar we interests we have, including our love for the Caribbean! I really feel like I hit the jackpot. I wake up every day before they wake up and kiss them both while they're sleeping and think to myself how lucky I am!

Favorite TV show:

Still F.R.I.E.N.D.S! We watch this show everyday at night right before bed, and even my son is into it now. It's the one show that never gets old to me and the only show that I actually watch re-runs of and still laugh at. We have an ongoing Unagi joke in the house, from one of the episodes. F.R.I.E.N.D.S. fans will know!



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