Meet and Greet: Bryan Griffin

Meet and Greet: Bryan Griffin

Meet Bryan Griffin. We enjoyed getting to know Bryan last fall in New York City where he worked with us on a lifestyle photoshoot. This spring, we were happy to sit down and learn more about this tennis player turned social media marketing specialist and fashion insider.

Leather briefcase


How did you get into fashion?

I was a professional tennis player, then worked in sales for a sportswear brand. I utilized social media to try to move from sports to the lifestyle and fashion side of the business. I then took a job managing a larger wholesale business for a men’s contemporary brand in NYC. I attended all of the wholesale trade shows around the country doing sales for a contemporary dress footwear brand but had a strong and growing passion for the marketing side. I knew sales depended on the emotional connection a brand could create between its products and consumers. I began to attend fashion events, documented everything on social media, did some work for GQ and... fast-forward a year; I’ve been attending international Fashion Weeks and covering a lot of events, as well as producing some events. It’s been a fun journey.

What do you like to do outside of work?

Play basketball, hang out with my dog and explore NYC. I love photography, and going to the movies.


Bryan carries the Churchill Classic Leather Briefcase in black

Something people are shocked to find out about you…

I can’t wink. I know I portray this smooth city guy on Instagram, but I can’t even wink.

Favorite photoshoot you’ve been a part of:

A few of the GQ photoshoots have been fun. My stuff is always experience or lifestyle focused. I hate to feel like I’m “posing” – I’m not trying to be a model. These guys are out here acting like they’re going to work but they’re just modeling a suit. I’d rather be actually doing a deal while looking good while having it documented. I’m just trying to document the behind the scenes of the New York fashion and marketing world.

Where do you find inspiration?

Inspiration is everywhere, but I’d say music is a key driver of the attitude behind any creative creations of mine.

Bryan carries the Churchill Classic Leather Briefcase in black

Goals for the rest of the year:

Last year I was building out my own agency structure and learning a lot about the more tedious aspects of the business. I think this year I’m looking to solidify that direction, or build within an existing business. I’ve built a strong network that I’d like to utilize to help brands better tell stories.

Who are your major creative influences at the moment?

My influences are more on the executive side of this business. I look up to Ronnie Fieg, Patrick Whitesell, Bruce Pask, Coltrane Curtis, Sharifa Murdock, Sandrine Charles, Greg Yuna, and Jerry Lorenzo. I also get a lot of energy and inspiration from my circle of friends who all have their own energies and inspirations.

Bryan carries the Barton Leather Laptop Briefcase

Favorite clothing item of the season:

Black jeans. Always black jeans. I’ve got a couple favorites––Hudson, Rag & Bone, Parasuco.

Dream project?

I think the natural progression of this storytelling lends itself to producing reality or documentary television. I want to show people — young people, consumers, and those looking to learn how to get into a certain field or how a final product is created — the process of that creation. Brands exist on perceived value just as much as they do on raw material costs, and that perception can be managed and built if you tell a good story. The best brands are the best storytellers. I’m more likely to buy a shoe if I see how it’s made, the craftsmanship, the design ideation. I always find the behind the scenes mic’d-up footage in sports the most compelling. I think my dream in this industry is to help identify those compelling stories, and help brands craft their stories, while also building my own.

Where do you hope this platform will take you?

Creative fulfillment. Having a clear and audible voice in this otherwise noisy marketplace. Having the ability to provide for and inspire others.

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