Father Feature: Phil Cohen of @thepacman82

June 08, 2020

2020 has gifted us quality time like never before. As we shelter in place with our families, Father's Day is taking on a whole new meaning. We asked our fashionable friend, Phil Cohen (@thepacman82), about what his days look like in this season. 

Phil Cohen

Who's currently quarantining with you?

I've been quarantined with my lovely wife and son Oliver.

Has your family developed new rituals in this time?

Walks. Lots of walks! Ollie loves them and it's nice to get some fresh air once or twice a day. We also built a bit of a gym in the basement so we can continue getting exercise throughout the week.

How are you balancing childcare with everything else you have going on right now?

My wife and I have been mostly tag-teaming child care throughout the day. We both work full-time so whenever the other has an important deadline or phone call we will juggle who's primarily watching Ollie. We've also started working a bit earlier in the morning as well as when Ollie goes to bed—just to help get in some extra hours if needed.

What are you doing to stay grounded during this time?

We've been trying to get outside for some fresh air as much as possible. We also started having weekly Zoom calls with our families to keep in touch and catch up on our week.

What’s been the most surprising part of having this much time with your baby boy?

I'm constantly surprised by just how quickly Ollie has been growing. It's amazing the amount of child development that happens in these early years. It's been wonderful watching him learn and grow these past few months.

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