2019: A Year in Review

2019: A Year in Review

The end of 2019 means it's time to look back on what the year held. President Mike Korchmar let us in on what this year meant for Korchmar. 


What are you proud of accomplishing?

As I reflect on 2019, I am very proud of the accomplishments of the Korchmar team.  We were fortunate to operate in a strong and growing economy and our business saw notable growth, both in terms of adding new team members and increasing our production capacity. We also had some great new introductions in the Slim Brief category this year, which were very well-received by our customers. And we developed some of our top-selling styles in Korchmar’s signature Classic leather, which has also been very well-received.

classic collection

What are you grateful for?  

I’m proud of and grateful for the Korchmar team. We are a fourth-generation family-run business, but I also consider the team of dedicated individuals who make each of our bags and accessories possible a part of the Korchmar family. Also, just before the holidays this year, my sister had a beautiful baby boy – we are all very grateful for another healthy and happy addition to the family.


Thinking about the year ahead for Korchmar... What are you looking forward to in 2020?  

2020 is sure to be an exciting year at Korchmar!  We have quite a few new silhouettes in the works that I believe our customers will really enjoy. Personally, I’m most excited about some new backpack and carry-on concepts that we are currently designing. I’ve had the opportunity to carry a first prototype of the new carry-on and it is just a dream. Not only is it beautiful, but it’s well-designed and functional. On top of that, it’s a piece that we anticipate being able to deliver at a price point that would make anyone carrying another premium brand item scratch their head!

In addition to our new launches I’m genuinely excited for what I hope is another great year of economic stability; one that will allow us to continue to grow our team and design and develop products that our customers will enjoy carrying for many years to come.