Travel Gear Guide

Travel Gear Guide

Last month, we explored a cool destination to escape the heat.

Next up in the Summer Travels series, we bring you a guide to go hand in hand with your adventures. Find the perfect bag for your upcoming trip.  

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Take a load off of your hardworking arms, and let the four wheels of the Whitman Waxed Canvas Carry-On do the work for you. It’s engineered to give you maximum capacity while abiding by airline carry on regulations.

Speaking of air travel, label your bags with the Lux Miller Luggage Tag for both the added touch and the just in case protection. You can also personalize it with monogramming. 

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For day trips, gear up for your excursion with the Mason Backpack. It has the pockets and features needed to keep up with your hustle.  


Looking forward to a quick getaway? The Twain Weekender in waxed canvas is perfect for a few days on the road. Fit everything you need for the weekend plus the few keepsakes you pick up while away. 


Offering another great option, the Twain duffle bag also comes in all leather. Be sure to check out our Lux and Legacy Twain.