Meet and Greet: Parker York Smith

January 22, 2019

For this edition of our Meet and Greet series, we chatted with Los Angeles-based blogger, Parker York Smith. Parker, who has been a model for about 15 years, is also a blogger for men’s fashion, lifestyle, and fitness.  

Parker carries the Lux Twain Leather Weekender

Where did your love of fashion originate?

I’ve been way into fashion from birth because both of my parents always loved it too. My true love grew out of my ability to wear sneakers to school and set myself apart from everyone else considering we had to wear uniforms.

How did you become a blogger?

Blogging was something I started doing as a hobby. Prior to that I was a struggling actor in LA, hoping for some sort of “big break.” Posting pictures of outfits online and discussing why I paired certain things together ended up being more fulfilling for me creatively. From there it snowballed into working with brands and helping them showcase their products. Now I’m able to be selective about who I work with and truly do my best to offer valuable advice and content to my audience. 

Parker is wearing the Graham Leather Commuter Backpack

What are some hopes and dreams for your blog?

My hopes from the platform are to continue inspiring guys to try something new with their style and see how much confidence it can unlock. On a personal level, I hope to start doing more on-camera hosting and share more of my personal passion with a much larger audience.

Take us backstage, to behind the scenes of your posts; what’s your process for planning outfits and posting on Instagram?

My process for photoshoots is a constant evolution. I first take into consideration what product or good I’m trying to make the centerpiece of the shoot, then I consult that brand’s content and see what type of style they lean towards. Then I will scout my neighborhood or the city at large to find a desirable spot and figure out what time of day will be optimal for lighting. In terms of the shoot itself I’m usually shooting myself on a tripod because it allows me to experiment as much as I want. If it’s something super specific then my wife will take the shot for me.

Parker carries the Dallas Natural Leather Postal Bag

You got married last year. Congratulations!

Marriage has been great so far! To be honest it doesn’t feel a whole lot different from the rest of our relationship. I’m very lucky. My favorite part would have to be saying “wife” when describing Jaclyn. It has a lot more weight to it, which I love.

Go-to date spots? 

We’re always trying to switch it up with date spots. We love pizza so anywhere that we can try something new and also enjoy a slice is a plus.

Parker walks around in Arts District with the Lux Twain Leather Weekender

Favorite clothing?

This is the most difficult question for me because it’s constantly changing. One week I’m all about dressing up and then the next you won’t catch me in anything but denim. That’s the beauty of style. It doesn’t have to stay the same. 

What advice would you give your 20-year-old self? 

I would tell my 20-year-old self to start focusing inward. Don’t be concerned by who’s doing what or how they may seem more developed/polished than you. In order to be happy, you’ve got to start on yourself. Outside factors are never going to give you what you need to be happy.

Parker with the Graham Leather Commuter Backpack

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