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The Korchmar Leather Care Guide (Part II)

April 13, 2017

In our last post, we talked about how to treat and remove stains in leather.

Today, we bring you some additional tips to help prolong the beauty of your bag.

leather care tips

  1. Stuff empty soft bags with tissues to retain their shape.
  2. Do not store leather goods in plastic bags or other non-porous covers.
  3. Allow wet or damp leather to air-dry, far away from sources of heat.
  4. When leather is nearly dry, apply a little bit of conditioner. This restores flexibility.
  5. To prevent mildew, keep leather away from excessive humidity. In a dry environment, condition regularly to prevent drying out and cracking.
  6. Do not use wax, silicone formulas, or solutions made of chemicals that inhibit leather from breathing.
  7. Never use caustic household chemicals or leather solutions that contain alcohol. Avoid turpentine and mineral spirits as they can pull color out from leather.
  8. Keep oils and animal fats far, far away–they can permanently darken leather. Animal fats also rot, causing whatever surface it’s on to rot with it.

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The Korchmar Leather Care Guide
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