A Look Inside of Our Florida Factory

In an age where very few companies manufacture goods in their own factories, we are proud to design and develop every Korchmar bag in facilities that are owned and operated by the Korchmar family, one of which is located in Naples, Florida. 

Ours is a team of incredibly talented people, many of whom have been a part of our family business for decades. Take a look as we go behind the scenes at our Naples, Florida workshop. 


Lilianna sews on the end of the leather zipper gusset, ensuring that the shoulder strap connection on our waxed canvas weekender is extra strong.


Leather top zipper gussets are carefully cemented and reinforced with a flexible backing prior to assembly.


Mikey Korchmar and his father -- the president of Korchmar, Michael Korchmar, are placing patterns on a side of leather to determine the proper quality specifications and calculate maximum yield from each hide.

Patterns are carefully organized, as each one represents part of the finished bag and must be cut from a part of the leather that is conducive to the quality requirements. 


Before preparing each bag for shipment, Louise ensures that the Korchmar bags made in our Florida workshop pass a rigorous quality inspection process.

The Korchmar Team in Naples, Florida | May 2016