Over 100 Years of Quality Craftsmanship


In 1917, Max Korchmar launched Korchmar (formerly "The Leather Specialty Company") on Main Street in Cincinnati, Ohio with a vision to create world-class leather goods and accessories. Korchmar's first products were leather automobile lamp visors, thermos cases, and premium leather 'suitcase corners' designed to protect the edges of old style trunks and hard-sided luggage.


Max Korchmar was asked by the United States government to write specifications for briefcases to be used by government employees. Driven by these government contract opportunities, Korchmar began handcrafting leather bags -- specifically, travel bags, doctor bags and briefcases for government agencies and the United States military.


Don Korchmar, Max Korchmar's son, began working with the company, paying particular attention to product design and engineering. While much of the company's focus was on producing leather goods for the United States government, Don focused on developing Korchmar's line of consumer-oriented products.


After serving as a lieutenant in the Army Air Corps in WWII, Don Korchmar joined the business on a full-time basis in 1946. He would go on to lead the company for over 55 years, growing our product offerings tenfold. In 1948, Bennet Korchmar joined the business and worked with his brother, Don, for over 44 years.


In 1951, Procter & Gamble approached Korchmar to redesign their sales cases, of which over 250,000 were made through the years. In 1956, Korchmar pioneered the first attache case, the Monroe.


The Korchmar brand grew steadily through the 1960s, becoming a staple in most every specialty retail luggage store in the United States. In 1961, we broke ground on a new 30,000 square foot factory on Chester Road in Cincinnati.


Korchmar developed its first line of women's business cases in 1973, and by 1976 twelve styles had been introduced in this collection. In the mid 1970s, Don Korchmar created an exclusive design of molded attache cases called "tycoons," which featured a unique consol locking mechanism.


In October 1986, Korchmar launched its 50,000 square foot workshop in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic. Today, over 250 people are employed in Korchmar’s Dominican Republic factory.


After working in the business full-time since the 1970s, Michael Korchmar, Max Korchmar’s grandson joined the company as president in 1991, making him the third generation to lead the family business. He focused much of his efforts on expanding the company's contract manufacturing business, attracting well-respected clients consisting of the most prestigious luxury brands in the world. In 1999, Michael was also elected president of the Travel Goods Association. The Cincinnati, Ohio workshop was closed and all of the company's United States production moved to Florida.


Korchmar received a patent approval and introduced the first load-bearing magnetic closure briefcase, the Magnetite briefcase. Korchmar's contract manufacturing business continued to experience rapid growth.


In 2017, Don Michael Korchmar, founder Max Korchmar's great-grandson, is named the president, making him the fourth generation to lead the family business. In celebration of our 100th anniversary, Korchmar launches the limited edition Centennial Collection.

The Centennial Collection

In 2017, Korchmar introduced the Centennial Collection: a celebration of 100 years of quality craftsmanship, designed to harken back to the days of old while incorporating modern features desired by discerning business professionals and travelers.