Contract Manufacturing

Korchmar is not just a “Brand” or a group of designers outsourcing products. Korchmar is a manufacturer! The Korchmar family actually owns and operates two manufacturing facilities, one in Naples Florida, and one in the Dominican Republic. Everything that bears the Korchmar name is produced only in our factories.

Since the early 1930s a significant portion of Korchmar's manufacturing business has been contract manufacturing (producing products for other brands) and custom case manufacturing. Korchmar is currently producing for some of the most prestigious brands in the world. Korchmar produces custom cases for a wide range of industries and under government contract. Whether it is for medical instruments, electronics, tools, or consumer products, Korchmar has probably designed and produced custom cases for the market.

Korchmar's minimum order quantity for contract or custom production is 75 units and we offer full service design and development capabilities.

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